Glaum Family History

The Glaum Family - Three Generations of Proud Family Farmers

Three Generations of Proud Family Farmers

The Glaum Egg Ranch heritage started back in the early 1920's by John H. Glaum, in the small town or Alexandria, Nebraska. It was almost unheard of to support a family of six with only egg producing chickens. The gamble and risk was great. The first chicken house John built housed 400 white leghorns. Soon his "Model Poultry Farm" as newspapers were calling it, won recognition for his innovative techniques and expertise in the poultry business.

After many years of success as a chicken farmer, in 1946 John and his wife Pearl, along with their youngest son Marvin, moved to California to be near the rest of their children who had moved out earlier. This is where the next generation of the Glaum Egg Ranch continued in the small town of Live Oak (Santa Cruz County), California. When John died in 1952 Marvin, serving in the Korean War, returned home to continue the family business.

In 1957, Marvin and his wife Dorothy were determined to keep their business local and competitive, so in order to compete with big ranches in the San Joaquin area, they bought land in Aptos to consolidate their operation. As their ranch grew, so did their own "flock." This is where the third generation of the Glaum Egg Ranch begins...

Marvin and Dorothy's four children Steve, Sherrie, Debbie and Doug, began helping out at the ranch at a very young age, whether it was hand gathering eggs or delivering fresh eggs door to door in a little red wagon to neighbors. From early on, Marvin and Dorothy taught their children the importance of commitment and dedication to their ranch, church and involvement in their community.

Marvin maintained and created many of his own inventions on the farm, many of which are used on modern day egg ranches. Marvin's most talked about invention is the Egg Vending Machine. Customers can come up to the ranch, insert money and receive a flat of eggs. As the years progressed, so did the vending machine — today, when you insert the money you get to enjoy an animated chicken show as well. The costumes on the chicken show are designed, created and changed seasonally by Sherrie. Every season/holiday is a different scene — the customers love to come and see what's new each time. Check out the animated chicken show on YouTube.

In 2004, Marvin Glaum passed away which left a huge void in our family, but a great legacy.

In 2005, Glaum Egg Ranch expanded our business into the Cage Free and Organic egg lines. We purchased land to accommodate for the expansion and committed to continuing the family legacy for many years to come. There are NINE 4th generation Glaums already involved in the business.

We ask for your support of sustainable, local family farms. We currently deliver to over 500 restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores throughout Northern California and still believe that the freshest egg is a local egg!